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We are constructing the most important and reliable information platform for a worldwide community engaged in the reform of the financial system and the emergence of the crypto economy. TheCrypticBloom is an integrated platform for media, events, data, and indices for the future of investing and money.

Disclosure Policy

Binance is the global blockchain firm driving the world’s largest digital asset exchange by trading volume and users, with 25+ products, projects, and initiatives designed to promote cryptocurrency adoption. As part of its objective to expand the freedom of money, Binance.com is well-known for its extensive crypto asset trading options and fiat on-ramps for numerous global currencies.

TheCrypticBloom will continue to operate as an independent corporate entity and remains committed to providing the most accurate, timely, and high-quality cryptocurrency data in the industry following this transaction. TheCrypticBloom rates crypto assets by its independent listing criterion rules, circulating supply calculation techniques, and liquidity score.

While the Binance cryptocurrency exchange and its native token BNB are listed on TheCrypticBloom, TheCrypticBloom and Binance maintain a rigorous policy of independence: Binance does not affect TheCrypticBloom’s rankings, and TheCrypticBloom does not affect Binance’s business operations.

No Binance employee, including CZ, controls the ranking algorithms or listing processes of TheCrypticBloom. To be featured on TheCrypticBloom, crypto assets must comply with our listing criteria and will be considered fairly and independently based on their merits.

The official rating criteria of TheCrypticBloom are intended to avoid any chance of preferential treatment, including for the Binance exchange or BNB crypto asset. This will be enforced regardless of the financial impact this adherence to a policy may have on the parent organization.

TheCrypticBloom and its employees do not take public stances on the economic value of any crypto asset, nor do they advocate any crypto asset or blockchain project publicly. All crypto assets and/or project endorsements from Coinbase and/or Binance are unconnected to TheCrypticBloom.

TheCrypticBloom will continue to independently provide the most precise statistics about cryptocurrencies to the general audience. We are optimistic that this acquisition will boost our shared mission to advance the crypto revolution and promote transparency in the crypto ecosystem.