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Arbitrum has a “partial outage” due to the surge of traffic

As a consequence of a “significant surge in traffic,” the Ethereum-based layer-2 network Arbitrum had a “partial outage” on Friday.

The issue pertained to the sequencer of Arbitrum. Sequencers in layer-2 networks, such as Ethereum’s, process and order transactions in blocks before introducing them to the main network.

According to Arbitrum’s status page, the outage has persisted for about two hours. The team stated on X that they are trying to repair the issue as soon as possible and will submit a post-mortem report at the earliest opportunity.

According to what TCB said before, the Arbitrum sequencer was down for two hours at the beginning of June. Developers stated at the time that a software problem caused the disruption.

Based on data from DefiLlama, the largest layer-2 network on Ethereum is Arbitrum, which has $2.34 billion in total value locked (TVL) and over $720 million in transaction volumes each day.

Developers created layer-2 networks like Arbitrum to alleviate strain on the main chain.

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