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Future Web3 Game Development is Anticipated by Game Developers: Survey

According to a recent poll, developers think integrating Web 3.0 will affect user attraction and retention.

According to a recent poll, three out of four game creators anticipate working on Web 3.0 game projects as blockchain gaming becomes more widely accepted.

Coda Labs, a blockchain entertainment company, commissioned a poll of game creators to learn more about their perceptions of Web3. The researchers discovered that most respondents anticipate Web3.0 games entering their companies in the future, with 75% anticipating working on Web3.0 projects.

In addition, more than half of study respondents think Web3 will completely change the game business. 40% feel that adopting Web3 would increase the number of new users, while 36% think that Web3 integration will improve user retention in games.

While the viability of Web3 games is being discussed, Sekip Can Gökalp, founder and CEO of Coda Labs, remarked on the poll results and said that the benefits for developers are clear. He clarified:

Future Web3 game development is anticipated by game developers: Survey

“Developers are motivated to explore Web3 games created by the promise of financial rewards, new income opportunities, and satisfied customers, according to the results of a recent poll.”

Many programmers see Web3’s additional money sources as an important factor in attracting and maintaining users. Surveyed individuals are split on whether or not crypto tokens are a viable source of supplementary money, although almost half see sales of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as a major benefit of Web3.

Some people, though, are skeptical that Web 3.0 will be around. A third of respondents to the study shared the view that Web 3.0 games are fleeting fads.

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However, although many of the developers who took part in the poll see potential in NFTs and crypto tokens as new revenue streams, a more recent survey found that gamers are more concerned with gaining Bitcoin.

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