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Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began: Let’s Discover the Inspiration Behind His Groundbreaking ‘Twin Flames’ Collection!

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began: Creators from all walks of life are getting in on the action as interest in NFT art continues to soar. Strange as it may seem, traditional photography has not yet taken off in NFT collector circles, but there are some truly fantastic photo projects in the pipeline that are incredibly well-suited to the world of NFT collectibles.

The work of Justin Aversano, titled Twin Flames, is an example of this type of endeavor; it consists of a collection of 100 similar but somewhat distinct portraits of twins from all over the world. Invoking CryptoPunks and other massively popular NFT initiatives, the format alludes to the use of a large number of visually similar images that are presented in a variety of ways. Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

How did Justin Aversano journey into NFTs begin?

Justin Aversanos’ career as the face of NFT photography was unintentionally launched by the healing process he through after the birth-defect death of his twin sister. His best-known series, Twin Flames, have sold for a combined 5,900 ETH on OpenSea and has fetched upwards of a million dollars at auction, most notably at Christie’s.

Aversanos, a talented photographer and multi-disciplinary artist, got his start with NFTs after traveling to Peru to consult with native shamans in an effort to overcome addiction and mental illness. While away, he began to feel better and had the inspiration for his groundbreaking line. J

I’ve always known deep down that I’m a creative person, but everyone who’s ever struggled with negative emotions like rage, melancholy, sadness, or grief may relate. I wanted to get over my sadness and heal completely. It was a ceremony directed by a set of identical twins in San Pedro.

For the first time, I felt a genuine desire to communicate with my twin, who was born still but passed away when my mother was pregnant with me. It was like unlocking a box of horrors. Okay, there’s something there; I’ll have to develop it.

Aversano photographed a set of twins at an art display he held a few months after leaving San Pedro. He felt prepared to take on a new project focusing on twins that night. That night was my first with the pair. Then they took me to meet several other sets of identical twins.

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

All of a sudden, communicating with twins became a domino effect. He reflects on what it would have been like to have a twin and how he can commemorate both his mother and his twin now that he knows what she went through when she passed away from ovarian cancer. 

There are various facets, and most of my work is dedicated to my mother, my family, and the memory of my ancestors. As Aversano himself admits, he enjoys it most when his colleagues are engaged in healing. Before Aversano stumbled onto NFTs, the Twin Flames project was organized in the conventional sense; for example, a book and an exhibition were created to showcase the work. 

There was a lapse of time of two years. My website and Instagram were dedicated to the Twin Flames project, but after learning about NFTs, I decided to remove them. Online, I came across no other photography endeavors. The day after I coined Twin Flames, they went out of print, and forever altered the course of my life.

Aversano, who is widely regarded as the industry leader in NFT photography, has amassed over 8,100 ETH in sales volume on OpenSea in just two years from his first mint. Aversano is also leading the charge for aspiring photographers who wish to switch gears and enter the realm of NFTs with Quantum Art, a platform devoted to curating and dropping NFT collections that will go live in September 2021 and place a special emphasis on photography NFTs.

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I’ve always mentioned that my goal with Quantum was to have it serve as the generative art equivalent of Art Blocks. What Erick (Snowfro) has accomplished with Art Blocks is truly remarkable, and we hope to achieve the same with photography. Everyone is so impressed with generative art, and I get it since I grew up with computers too. Aversano says, “I would love to see photography get its heyday because it has always been the underdog.

Significant Sales

Twin Flames #49. Alyson and Courtney Aliano: Sold for 888 ETH ($3.7 million at the time) on Nov. 23, 2021, making it the eighth most expensive photograph ever sold. Purchased via PartyBid.

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

Twin Flames #83. Bahaeeh and Farzaneh: Sold for $1.1 million on Oct. 6, 2021, at Christie’s.

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

Twin Flames #2. Jessica and Joyce Gayo: Sold for 207 ETH ($959,027) on Nov. 10, 2021.

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

Twin Flames #1. Ali and Gilli Glatt: Sold for 200 ETH ($686,696) on Sept. 7, 2021.


Aversano credits artists such as Alex Gray and Dustin Yellin as well as photographers such as Irving Penn, David LaChapelle, Diane Arbus, Vivian Maier, and Robert Frank. He acknowledges that all of the NFT photographers have influenced him but singles out Beeple: “That guy has the biggest effect on everyone!”

Everyday Life with Beeple: Bull Run, Day 4951, November 19, 2020. OpenSea Aversano, from whom we learn about his meteoric climb to NFT fame, credits Gmoney as a major inspiration. When it comes to collectors, Gmoney was a major figure in my development.

We had a short conversation during which I asked him whether, instead of spending $250,000 on a JPG of a monkey, he would consider investing in actual works of art. He prefers to invest in NFTs, he told me. He was helpful by liaising between Flamingo DAO and the CryptoPunks group. He claims, “They were all behind me when I dropped my NFTs.”

Approach and Individual Fashion

Aversano states, “Everything I’ve been thinking about has been thought about for years,” describing the process by which his artwork evolves through time. There’s nothing I’ve made where I immediately considered creating an NFT. I’ve spent a lot of time and energy on these massive projects, and they haven’t been recognized by the art world the way I envisioned them.

Justin Aversano journey into NFTs began

Everything I make at the moment is an NFT, and that’s the best time of my life as a modern artist. Several artists whose careers predate mine are now dabbling in NFTs, but unlike mine, their work isn’t all distributed publicly on the blockchain. The time is right for me as an artist to launch my whole body of work on the blockchain.

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Creating works of art as NFTs on the blockchain, much as how ancient scrolls were printed by hand, is an idea that frequently occupies my mind. He says, “You may live in your digital gallery in your own house; it connects the past, present, and future together in a special way.”

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