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Learn How to Start Metaverse Football League

Starting out with MFL

It is believed that 4 billion people throughout the globe follow football (soccer in the United States). Video games based on the sport of football are likewise wildly popular.

Twenty-two days after release, FIFA 22 was already exhibiting amazing figures, with an average of 89 million matches played per day in more than 200 countries across the globe.

Meanwhile, blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are ushering in novel ways to enjoy games by giving players full control over their virtual possessions and shedding light on their in-game transactions. It’s now possible for players to enjoy the game for its entertainment value as well as its financial rewards, thanks to the value they generate while participating in it.

MFL: A Football Ecosystem

MFL (Metaverse Football League) is more than just a game. It is a unique ecosystem for football. With the help of blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), MFL wants to create a new football world online.

There are many digital assets (NFTs) that players can own in the MFL world. The most important assets, like Football Players and Clubs, will be released first. Then, other assets like Scouts, Training Academies, Stadiums, etc. will be added.

You, as a player in the MFL universe, will have a wide variety of opportunities for fun and exploration within the ecosystem. Depending on your own tastes, you will have the option to:

  1. Be a scout, find players, and trade them…
  2. Be an agent: find the best clubs for your players and talk to club owners about contracts..
  3. Be the owner of a club. Find players and sign your club up for leagues and tournaments.
  4. Be a coach. Train and develop your players, and decide how to play the game.

As the MFL ecosystem grows, new players and positions will emerge (supporter, medical staff, training academy director, etc.).

Learn How to Start Metaverse Football League

The whole MFL ecosystem, including these interactions, is funded by player-generated in-game currency. The assets a player acquires belong to them and may be bought, sold, or traded at will. Our platform of choice for this purpose was DapperLabs’ Flow blockchain.

With its environmentally friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism and almost negligible gas prices, this blockchain provides a highly scalable infrastructure. As a result, we can now save all of the crucial information about NFTs in an on-chain ledger.

MFL Core Team

There are four people who have extensive backgrounds in both the sports sector and software development that make up the MFL core team.

Karl Thyer: Artist and illustrator specialising on the Major League Football (MLF) and its players and ecology. Liverpool FC, the Premier League, B/R Football, BBC Match of the Day magazine are just a few of Karl’s many prestigious footballing references.

It seems to go through his blood that he was born and raised a Liverpool fan.

Mathurin Blouin: Leader in MFL ecological vision. Mathurin has worked in the sports sector and in product development for numerous years. For Unibet, a rapidly expanding platform with over 300,000 unique monthly visitors, he oversaw product development.

In the fantasy sports world, he is also the head honcho at LineMeUp, a software as a service (SaaS) company. Mathurin is an avid supporter of PSG and a firm believer in the Flow theory.

Yann Uzel: CTO of the project. Yann has worked for several years as a CTO or Full-stack developer for various startups such as GamersCoach, Montrium, LYL Website… He co-founded LineMeUp with Mathurin. He is an Olympique Lyonnais and a Juninho fan.

Pier’Antonio Pichierri: Blockchain and Full-stack developer. Alumni of the famous French “Ecole 42” founded by Xavier Niel, Pier’Antonio has developed several different products for various startups (Koalou, Call my vet, Speakingkong…).


Our goal is to provide a vibrant environment for football fans to participate in and enjoy the sport in their own unique ways, complete with a player-owned economy.

The MFL founding team will first provide the building blocks (materials, gameplays, functions, etc.) that will make this vision a reality.

Eventually, the ecosystem will transition into a decentralised, community-owned, open-source model. Creators and builders may contribute to and benefit from this ecosystem without needing permission from anybody.

The Ultimate Secret of Metaverse Football Leauge Assets (Nfts)

After introducing MFL and outlining our goals, it is time to examine the ecology in which it resides.

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