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Lego and Epic Games Build a kid-friendly Metaverse Experience!

Lego and Epic Games Group have just announced a multi-year cooperation to help create a better, more family-friendly future for the metaverse. Together, the two organisations will create a digital experience that is both motivating to young minds and fun for families to enjoy.

The kid-friendly digital experience will provide children with the means to develop into capable and self-assured creators, as well as provide them with fantastic chances for pleasant and constructive play.

Niels B Christiansen, CEO of The LEGO Group said: Kids like to play in both digital and real worlds, and they can switch between them easily. We think they have a lot of potential to learn skills like creativity, working with others, and communicating through digital experiences.

But it’s our job to make sure they are safe, inspiring, and helpful for everyone. We’ve been protecting kids’ rights to safe physical play for a long time, and we’re going to keep doing that with digital play. We’re excited to work with Epic Games to shape this fun and exciting future.

Tim Sweeney, CEO & Founder, Epic Games said: The LEGO Group has inspired creativity in people of all ages for over a century, and we can’t wait to work together to create a virtual world that’s perfect for kids and families to enjoy.

How people socialize, work, study, and have fun in a digital 3D environment is changing as the metaverse develops. The LEGO Group and Epic Games will pool their considerable resources to guarantee that the next generation of the internet is created from the ground up with children’s safety in mind.

Epic Games is an industry leader in creating open and accessible creative tools and immersive environments for gamers and developers worldwide. It’s cutting edge in the sense that it’s always developing new ways for people to bond via shared interests in things like music, video games, and other artistic endeavors.

SuperAwesome, a startup that has pioneered technologies meant to offer safe digital interaction with children under the age of 16, was bought by Epic in 2020, demonstrating the firm’s dedication to empowering developers to build age-appropriate online experiences.

Lego Is About To Introduce Its Digital World Project

According to the Financial Times, Lego, maker of the ubiquitous plastic building blocks, is getting ready to announce a joint project with Epic Games, developer of the wildly popular online game Fortnite. This step would shed light on the company’s future plans to enter virtual worlds and cater to digital market customers.

Offering Lego items in these regions is part of the company’s expansion plan, as it will help build brand awareness among consumers and expand the company’s reach into the digital sphere. Lego CEO Niels Christiansen discussed the steps the business is taking to attain this goal.

Lego and Epic Games Have Joined Forces

The primary motivation for the partnership between Lego and Epic Games was to introduce Lego items to the metaverse, a virtual environment where users may engage in social and competitive activities while also interacting with digital environments and objects. Methods used to establish the partnership between the two businesses are as follows:

  • Identifying the mutual benefits: The two businesses saw the potential in working together, especially in terms of expanding their audience and developing fresh and exciting offerings for their clientele.
  • Strategic planning: The collaborative strategy was developed by teams from both firms. It included figuring out what they wanted to accomplish by working together, figuring out how Legos would fit into the world of Fortnite, and planning out how they would advertise the cooperation.
  • Design and development: Collaboration between the Lego team and Epic Games resulted in the creation and production of the Lego goods featured in the game. The Lego team made in-game replicas of their toys so that gamers could enjoy them.
  • Testing and refinement:  A lot of time and effort was put into making sure the in-game Lego elements were fun and interesting for players by making sure they looked and behaved like the real thing.
  • Launch and promotion: After finishing up their work together, Lego released its items for use in the Fortnite game. Both organisations ran campaigns meant to raise the public’s profile and pique players’ curiosity.

Lego and Epic Games

The choice to work together between Lego and Epic Games was deliberate on both sides since it played to each company’s strengths and enabled them to offer consumers something fresh. The partnership’s success has given both parties access to new markets in the booming gaming and digital play sectors.

Epic Games and Lego Create a Metaverse Experience

Their joint venture in the metaverse, Lego and Epic Games, was created with the intention of giving gamers a fresh and engaging gaming experience. The metaverse is a hybrid online environment that merges elements of both the real world and the digital one. The two businesses hoped to provide consumers a new way to interact with Legos by bringing them into the virtual world.

The partnership between Lego and Epic Games paved the way for Lego to enter the video game market. Customers were given a whole new world of possibilities thanks to this collaboration between Lego and the virtual world provider, including the chance to meet and play with other gamers in the Lego universe.

In recent years, the metaverse has emerged as a promising new arena for businesses to interact with their consumers. In order to capitalise on this market, Lego teamed up with Epic Games, a well-respected firm in the video game business, to launch Lego sets in the digital realm.

For gamers, the introduction of Lego goods into the Fortnite game was a fresh and exciting addition. The addition of virtual Lego goods opened up new avenues for player exploration, construction, and play inside the game. Both Lego and Epic Games have been able to play to their strengths and provide consumers with innovative new experiences as a result of their collaboration.

Final Words

Strategically, both Lego and Epic Games made the right call by launching their joint venture in the metaverse, giving their respective audiences access to more play and interaction options. The two firms’ ability to create an immersive experience for players by incorporating Lego items into the virtual world has opened up promising new avenues for the development of gaming and digital play.

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