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New Feature! Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts!

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts: Two new health-related features have been released by Meta for its Quest and Quest 2 VR headsets. Through Quest’s VR fitness applications, users can now exercise while monitoring their heart rates.

Meta has now made the formal announcement that Android users may utilise Health Connect to monitor all of their fitness data. Fitness lovers who use VR may automatically monitor their health data without having to manually enter it.

A software link between two applications, Health Connect is Google’s health API that enables Android users to combine health and fitness data from several apps and connect it in one location.

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts

One of the most often requested fitness features for Quest was heart rate monitoring. Users may see their heart rate in real-time while exercising when coupled with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. Therefore, knowing more about how VR exercises effect your heart rate can help you achieve your objectives.

“Any VR game or app will show a heart rate overlay when Meta Quest Move is coupled with a compatible heart rate monitor. Developer integration won’t be necessary. Quest is compatible with the Polar H10 and the Garmin HRM-Dual heart rate monitors.

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts!

Additionally, Meta said that the Elite Strap will be included with the purchase of the Meta Quest 2. The Quest 2 headset’s balance and support are improved with the Elite Strap, an ergonomic attachment that makes VR exercises easier.

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Zuckerberg has high hopes for the VR fitness sector. Meta made an acquisition effort for the VR fitness app Within Inc. last month. The FTC is seeking to stop Meta from doing this, alleging that Zuckerberg is attempting to purchase its hegemony in the metaverse.

The metaverse platform Roblox hinted at potential intentions to join Meta and increase its VR capabilities on Wednesday. In late 2023, Roblox intends to launch on Meta Quest.

Support for Android

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts

You should monitor your progress toward your VR fitness goals whether you’re really using the headset or not. In addition to syncing with the Meta Quest mobile app, users of Android devices may now connect with Health Connect by Android to send and receive data.

With the latest version, Android users can now log their virtual reality exercises in the same app that they use to record their other daily activities.

Virtual reality (VR) exercises can be tracked automatically on your Android smartphone when you connect with Health Connect. A year ago, we made a similar announcement about our integration with Apple Health.

Integrates Android and Heart Monitoring

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts

Tracking your heart rate has been a popular request for Meta Quest’s fitness capabilities. This allows you to readily monitor real-time and measurable improvements in your fitness level. Our new heart rate function will allow you to track your heart rate throughout a virtual reality exercise if you are using a heart rate monitor that is Bluetooth enabled.

When used in conjunction with a heart rate monitor, the Meta Quest headset now provides more accurate data on the extent to which virtual reality exercises affect cardiovascular fitness. If you have the data, you’ll be able to achieve success.

Garmin HRM-Dual and Polar H10 are two examples of compatible heart rate monitors with Meta Quest. Your Meta Quest could be compatible with other Bluetooth heart rate monitors as well.

The Ultimate Collection of High-Quality Straps

Meta Quest Users Can Now Monitor Their Heart Rate During VR Workouts

When you purchase Meta Quest 2 during this time period, you are eligible to get the Elite Strap at no extra cost. This ergonomic accessory enables you to get the most out of your virtual reality (VR) workouts by allowing you to balance and support your headset with the simple twist of a fit wheel.

As a result, you’ll be able to keep your head in the game regardless of how physically demanding your workouts become.

When you purchase a brand-new Meta Quest 2 between January 6 and January 19, you will get the strap, which has a normal MSRP of $59.99 USD, at no extra cost to you (or between January 2 and January 15 in EMEA or APAC).

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Further, Meta claims that any information you provide is kept private and is not used for ad targeting. However, each time you enable such an API, you are also agreeing to a new set of privacy regulations and terms of service.

When you do this, you’re also agreeing to the conditions of Google Health Link and any other fitness or health applications you link to Health Connect. Additionally, this includes heart rate information if you want to sync a Bluetooth heart rate monitor. The press picture below demonstrates how the Meta Quest Move Overlay now displays real-time heart rate data alongside other metrics like calories burned and activity minutes.

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