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Learn About The Best Metaverse Events for Business Professionals!

Metaverse Events: Taking place in the metaverse, events are quickly becoming a staple of the emerging digital frontier. Metaverse-related gatherings may take numerous shapes and sizes, but always include experts in the field talking shop.

Participating in these events typically means contributing to the metaverse on a grand scale. You also learn about groundbreaking developments in computer hardware and software before the general public. Discover in short order which metaverse events are the most rewarding for your time and effort.

Exploring the Metaverse Concept

Perhaps the concept of metaverse occurrences seems completely fantastical. No, this is not to be misunderstood. The metaverse is still very much in the “full” stage of research and experimentation. And anybody can do it who wants to give it a go. The most blatant way to join the metaverse is through a virtual reality (VR) headset.

Metaverse Events

However, some of it is accessible via augmented reality (AR) gadgets and other devices including gaming consoles, cellphones, and laptops. When you enter the metaverse, you’ll find a 3D environment that’s completely accessible regardless of physical limitations.

Those located all over the globe need not worry about being isolated from one another in this digital setting. When people do this, they open themselves up to a whole new world that is constantly accessible and offers them the chance to have really immersive experiences at any time. Essentially, it’s a digital universe that resembles the real world in many ways.

The metaverse lack of constraints from the material world allows for infinite exploration. The metaverse offers a near-perfect simulation of the physical world. It also opens the door to unreal places and adventures.

What Characterizes an Event as a Metaverse Event?

The term “metaverse event” refers to a get-together where individuals assemble to talk about their experiences working together, sharing knowledge, and creating new things in the metaverse. The focus of these gatherings is on the present and future of business in the greater metaverse.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and Facebook are just some of the firms that have shown their belief in the potential of the metaverse by investing in it. By 2024, analysts predict that it will generate $80 billion in revenue. Events in the metaverse cannot be reduced to a particular objective or topic.

The purpose and participants of the event are more indicative of its meaning. To be considered a metaverse event, the gathering must focus on advancing the metaverse via its usage.

This may include talking about impending software in certain cases. Or, the attendance at said event might lead to the formation of a group that works together to produce such gear. The topic may even revolve on how these systems are now being put to use and where they are headed in the future.

Metaverse Events Coming Up for Industry Professionals and Fans

Due to the expanding nature of the metaverse, gatherings with a metaverse concentration are likely to increase in frequency. Due of this, it might be difficult to decide which activities are worth participating in.

Where can we find metaverse occurrences that provide something really novel & important to researchers & fans alike? While there are always going to be new events in the metaverse, the ones below are the most popular ones.


Date: 11 u/i 12 January 2023

Location: Dubai, UAE

Metaverse Events

Among the many events that take place in the Metaverse, the METAVSUMMIT stands out as something really remarkable. Its stated purpose is quite clear and narrowly focused on two major areas of interest. This concentrated theme sets it apart from other metaverse gatherings. Learning is the first step.

The goal of the METAVSUMMIT is to spread knowledge about the technologies of the metaverse. Artificial intelligence, the blockchain, and augmented and virtual realities are all examples of Web 3.0 technology.

The second primary goal of the METAVSUMMIT is to facilitate networking amongst professionals working in different facets of the metaverse’s expansion. People in the engineering field are included in this category as well, such as software engineers, hardware designers, and others.

On the other hand, business owners and financiers are also part of this group. This gathering of experts from distinct but related fields provides an ideal setting for forming new collaborative working relationships.

The METAVSUMMIT is an integral aspect of the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) progress during the last decade. And the Dubai World Trade Centre Exhibition Hall is where the most recent METAVSUMMIT will be hosted.

Enterprise Metaverse Expo

Date: 14 u/i 17 February 2023

Location: Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

Metaverse Events

This year’s ITEXPO will include an Enterprise Metaverse Expo where you can get up-to-date information on a broad range of topics relating to the metaverse. There will be over 300 exhibits to choose from, so you’re sure to discover something that speaks to your interests.

The expo covers a lot of ground, but it also places a premium on depth of coverage and the enterprise-level metaverse experience. CEO and Conference Chair of TMC Rich Tehrani outlines the five pillars that support the metaverse at the company level.

These include enhanced visual workplaces, digital twinning, extended cooperation and training, and business-to-business (B2B) commerce. In addition to highlighting these ground-breaking features of the metaverse, the exhibition also pays considerable attention to a wide variety of other innovative aspects of the Metaverse.

A few examples of these include A.I., cyber security, A.R./M.R., 5G, and the blockchain. All of these factors combine to make the #TECHSUPERSHOW exhibition and bigger event a must-attend for anybody looking to learn, have fun, and make connections in the business world in the metaverse.


Date: 2 u/i 4 March 2023

Location: Miami, FL, USA

Metaverse Events

Metaverse events are uniquely focused on the future. And the Expoverse is a chance to look into the technologies shaping how we look at that future. Attendees can see where technologies like NFTs, Web 3.0, and the more significant blockchain are heading.

But the event also highlights the human element shaping all of these concepts. Expoverse hosts over three hundred speakers and provides four separate stage areas. But even that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There are also over a hundred exhibitors and high-tech immersive experiences.

But don’t worry about being overwhelmed. The Expoverse is organized to make sure that people can take part in the experiences that are most important to them. There are pitch rooms, booths & spaces for more involved networking—fast-paced areas & quiet locations for relaxed discussions. The event is topped off with a lavish after-party.

IEEE VR and 3D User Interfaces Conference

Date: 25 u/i 29 March 2023

Location: Shanghai, China

Metaverse Events

Events in the metaverse that are dedicated to the third dimension include the IEE Conference on Virtual Reality and 3D User Interfaces. The metaverse spans several media types. The metaverse includes anything from 3D landscapes to NFT artwork.

And it’s not limited to 3D platforms; 2D devices like computers and gaming consoles may access it as well. The metaverse blockchain, for example, is a part of the metaverse that is not even immediately visible to the vast majority of users.

The metaverse is a vast landscape where several perspectives on the same information coexist. However, the metaverse in its 3D form is the main emphasis of the IEEE meeting.

By zeroing down on just one kind of the metaverse, convergence is able to deliver outstanding competence. The event also makes use of the metaverse to facilitate its many features. This IEEE conference is open to anybody interested in participating since it is held completely online.

AI VR Japan Conference

Date: 21 u/i 23 July 2023

Location: Kumamoto, Japan

Metaverse Events

The Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality Conference is a metaverse events with this same goal in mind. There are connections between the metaverse and both of these topics. The purpose of the three-day conference is to shine a light on business applications where these many technologies come together.

All imaginable perspectives on these issues will be represented at the meeting. As for the event’s speakers, they hail from a wide range of academic disciplines. At this conference, scientists, engineers, and other researchers will gather to share information and engage in speculative discussion on a wide range of issues.

The conference provides an ideal setting for exploring the interconnections among these themes. It’s also a great area for metaverse businesses to explore the possibilities of combining VR and AI. This is a fantastic opportunity for two highly specialised areas that have enormous potential to grow and develop.

The Connection Between Metaverse Events and Your Career Path

Entrepreneurs are often featured prominently at metaverse events. The metaverse is a thriving sector that has generated a large number of new positions. And these jobs need a broad range of expertise. Your enthusiasm for the metaverse will almost certainly be an asset in a job search.

People with an eye for design could find success in the digital art industry, for instance. This is true for the artistic interests of the majority of individuals.

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