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Unlocking the Secrets of the Metaverse: Netflix’s “The Gray Man” Maze on Decentraland

The Gray Man: A new movie from Netflix, is getting some metaverse love. The latest example of how the virtual worlds of the metaverse are developing into a mainstream element of marketing and entertainment is the maze that the streaming giant designed and built for digital avatars to explore using knowledge of the movie and its stars, Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. This was done in collaboration with the metaverse platform Decentraland.


The labyrinth, which occupies 45 virtual properties on Decentraland, was programmed in conjunction with Netflix and Decentraland by the design firm The Electric Factory. A science from the movie is replicated in the labyrinth by Ryan Gosling’s voice-over instructions.

Visitors may go farther by responding to questions about the movie until they come upon the USB stick that the movie’s characters are seeking for right in the middle. The avatar receives virtual clothing after clearing the labyrinth and entering the hidden chamber, including “Lloyd’s Trash Stache,” the moustache Chris Evans had in the movie.

The goal is to simultaneously pique the attention of Decentraland visitors in the movie and draw moviegoers to this region of the metaverse.

Netflix Builds 'The Gray Man' Metaverse Experience in Decentraland

When Decentraland made the announcement of the promotion, they noted that in order to be the finest agent in the world, one must first be the best agent in the metaverse. “Your job is to locate the fountain in the labyrinth and recover the USB with the confidential information.

Once you have accomplished these tasks, proceed to the hidden chamber to check your personal time and earn your awards. Because this assignment will test your knowledge of The Gray Man, only those who keep their intelligence up to date will be able to become the most effective agents of the metaverse.

Decentraland, which has also held events such as Metaverse Fashion Week and the inaugural metaverse marathon earlier this year, has been selected by Netflix, joining other businesses such as Nike and Coca-Cola in making this decision.

This year during the Video Music Awards, MTV introduced a new category called “Best Metaverse Performance,” and Spotify purchased an entire island in the metaverse in order to display its music library. The restaurant chain Planet Hollywood is building a virtual celebration of its namesake with Meta Hollywood in The Sandbox metaverse, and it is possible that

“The Gray Man” is simply the tip of the advertising iceberg for movies that are expected to feature in the metaverse in the near future.

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