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NVIDIA Launches Omniverse Cloud for Digitalization of Enterprises

NVIDIA has announced that it would provide access to its Omniverse Cloud for a limited number of businesses. NVIDIA is a pioneer in high-performance computing. Omniverse Cloud is a PaaS that helps businesses standardise digitalization across their most important products and procedures.

The new subscription service will facilitate the digitalization of automotive teams’ processes across the board, from product development and engineering through manufacturing and sales.

With the size and security of Azure cloud services, Microsoft Azure has been chosen as the first cloud service provider for Omniverse Cloud, giving businesses access to the full-stack suite of Omniverse software applications and NVIDIA OVX infrastructure.

NVIDIA’s CEO and creator Jensen Huang predicts that one day, a digital twin will exist for every produced thing, from enormous industrial facilities to portable consumer goods. With the advent of new EV, battery, and chip factories costing billions of dollars, NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud has been touted by Huang as the digital-to-physical operating system for industrial digitalization.

NVIDIA Launches Omniverse

Flexible and Scalable Omniverse Cloud

Omniverse Cloud is a PaaS developed by NVIDIA and Microsoft that offers a complete cloud stack and platform features for designing, developing, deploying, and managing industrial metaverse applications. Customers may link their Omniverse Cloud account to the NVIDIA products they already use.

The platform-as-a-service is powered by NVIDIA OVX computing systems in the cloud and provides corporate developers with the ability to modify the core apps provided. Using tools like NVIDIA Isaac SimTM, NVIDIA DRIVE SimTM, Omniverse Replicator, and Omniverse USD Composer, users can generate 3D synthetic data to speed up the training and accuracy of computer vision AI networks, publish interactive USD applications, and train and simulate AI-based robots and autonomous vehicles.

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Automotive Manufacturers Using Omniverse to Digitalize

BMW Group, Geely Lotus, and Jaguar Land Rover were early Omniverse Enterprise users. Omniverse was initially used by BMW Group to develop a completely digital smart factory. BMW will deploy the Omniverse Enterprise platform globally.

NVIDIA Launches Omniverse Cloud for Digitalization of Enterprises

Geely Lotus uses Omniverse Enterprise to create factory digital twins to improve production. Omniverse generates synthetic data to train AI models and evaluate perception and control algorithms in real-world driving situations for Jaguar Land Rover.

The automaker has combined Omniverse with its advanced vehicle dynamics models, virtual electronic control units, virtual automotive networks, and cloud infrastructure to quickly iterate software innovations.


Starting in the second part of the year, Microsoft Azure will provide the Omniverse Cloud, which is powered by NVIDIA OVX computing platforms.

The biggest marketing and communications firm in the world, WPP, is among the network of prominent service providers that will provide Omniverse Cloud-based services to its clients. WPP is developing these services in order to give major brands with sustainable and automated content supply chains.


The NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud may well usher in a new era in how corporations digitally transform their central operations and primary offerings. The platform’s capacity to design, build, deploy, and manage industrial metaverse applications is unmatched thanks to the full-stack suite of Omniverse software applications and the NVIDIA OVX infrastructure.

Businesses will be able to use the platform with the reliability and scalability of the Azure cloud thanks to the relationship with Microsoft.

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