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The Ultimate Deal on Metaverse Team Building

In today’s virtual-first world, many businesses are betting on the Metaverse as a tool to strengthen customer relationships, broaden their reach, and ultimately, boost sales. When other businesses ask whether the Metaverse has anything to offer them, the simple response is: yes.

Define Metaverse:

As the next logical step in the development of the World Wide Web, it is a persistent and permanently online 3D world that mixes many virtual locations. Web 3.0.

Engaging experiences may be shared with individuals who are far apart in space and time; goods and services can be bought and sold; contracts can be signed; and new employees can be recruited and trained in these digital settings.

Eventually, holographic projection technology will allow us to visit distant locations without physically moving from our current location, such as the workplace, a performance venue, or the home of a friend or relative.

In the Metaverse, businesses and customers can bring their real-world identities, finances, and experiences to the table.

For instance, a Metaverse user could virtually visit a factory halfway around the world, inspect its machinery, shake hands with the plant manager, and observe various stages of production without ever leaving their office chair.

Customers shopping for a new vehicle will also have the option of going from one dealership to another and getting a feel for the vehicles by test-driving them.

Metaverse Business Benefits:

Since the Metaverse can alter how people socialize, our methods of interacting with coworkers and clients may also develop and improve.

The Ultimate Deal on Metaverse Team Building

The Metaverse is not only a great place to debut virtual items and advertise new physical and digital services, but it also allows for a more immersive and engaging customer experience via the use of interactive stimuli while simultaneously gathering user information.

Taking its first major step into the Metaverse, the American bank JP Morgan set up shop in the virtual shopping center Metajuku of “Decentraland,” the metaverse based on Blockchain.

Downstairs, a tiger and a digital portrait of Jamie Dimon (CEO of JP Morgan) greet customers, while upstairs, an executive introduces the bank’s cryptocurrency. However, the Metaverse also presents businesses with a chance to engage their staff in novel ways that foster cooperation and innovation without sacrificing the bottom line.

Metaverse Teambuilding and Experience:

Corporate team building has traditionally aimed to improve communication, trust, problem-solving abilities, and stress management among employees, but can these goals be achieved in the Metaverse?

The Turin-based firm Tembo already had its corporate Christmas party in the Metaverse last December, when it reconstructed its whole office building in Minecraft, one of the most popular online games of the past twenty years.

Everyone on the Tembo team had their avatar that they used to project into the Metaverse, and the whole office, courtyard, and coffee area were all built out of pixels.

Each participant was given a desk check, and after the year-end address in the meeting room, they were split into teams to begin a creative team-building activity with colored blocks, giving them the feeling of being back in the office, although from afar.

The Meta Team Experience is a virtual team development experience with highly genuine feelings, created by Staff Team Building.

The Ultimate Deal on Metaverse Team Building

This cutting-edge team-building exercise, which may last for up to 180 minutes and include as many as 20 people, is designed to introduce its members to the exciting world of blockchain technology, virtual currencies, augmented reality, and the World Wide Web 3.0.

Participants will be required to maintain a minimum social distance of 1.50 meters from one another and to wear masks, tablets, and personal viewers as part of the established safety protocol.

It’s Broken into Phases:

1 – The Original Pitch

Through the use of examples and hands-on activities, the fundamentals of Web 3.0 and the advancements it involves are elucidated.

2 – Blockchain

Players will work together to build and deconstruct a “Chain of Blocks” out of wooden blocks in this cooperative team-based competition. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs will also be described at this stage.

3 – Augmented Reality

Information, hints, and customised pieces will be concealed everywhere around the players, and they’ll need to utilize their tablets to find them. Similar to the gameplay of the popular mobile game Pokemon GO.

The Ultimate Deal on Metaverse Team Building

4 – Initial Contact

With the use of VR goggles, each participant will be thrust into his own unique and vivid experience of the Metaverse, which features future landscapes that may include water, mountains, or even skyscrapers.

Adding in logos or other items allows for more customization based on the customer’s wants and requirements. In this phase, people will be able to explore this new “world,” but will have to rely on a robot for all of their knowledge.

5 – Team Contact

All the players, represented by avatars and separated into “White” and “Red,” will now visit a common area, be greeted by a trainer, and have the chance to communicate with one another.

As a capstone to the adventure, a competition between the teams is undertaken, with tasks such as item collection and the recreation of an image, logo, or phrase possible.

6 – Determine

Discussing and debating one another’s impressions of the metaverse and Web 3.0 at large constitutes this stage.

The winning team in the grand competition will be presented with a trophy with the company’s name and insignia, appropriately named the Best Meta Team award.

If this event is to be held remotely at all, each participant will need to be provided with a viewer that has been preconfigured for use with the Metaverse before they leave for home.

More stimulating for creativity and cooperation than a Zoom conference, this event is sure to make waves in the industry. Is this the path forward for training in the 3.0 era?

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