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Yuga Labs Announces Second Test of Otherside Metaverse: A Gamified Experience for NFT Holders

Yuga Labs, the firm behind Bored Ape Yacht Club, has announced that on March 25, 2023, it will host the second gamified test of its Otherside metaverse platform. In July 2022, the firm staged its maiden trip, which drew more than 4,600 participants and caused severe Ethereum network congestion. As many as 10,000 of the company’s Otherdeed NFT holders will now be able to take part in the experiment, thanks to the company’s decision to expand the test pool.

Exploring the Otherside Metaverse: An Immersive Virtual World Built on Blockchain Technology

The Otherside metaverse platform hosts a comprehensive virtual world where users may socialise, discover new places, and participate in a wide range of activities. It’s predicated on the idea that our world coexists with another, each with its own rules and laws. Because to blockchain technology, all interactions on the platform can be trusted as being transparent and safe for all parties involved.

In the initial beta of the Otherside metaverse platform, thousands of users successfully navigated the virtual environment and interacted with one another in a wide variety of ways. Congestion on the Ethereum network, brought on by the influx of new users, led to some hiccups, though. The firm has subsequently been hard at work improving the platform so that it can accommodate more users and traffic.

In order to put the Otherside metaverse platform through its paces again, four team leaders will oversee a two-hour long story. Players will be able to travel to various locations, communicate with other players, and collect rare Obelisk Pieces that contribute to the larger story of the Otherside. The goal was to create a challenging and exciting experience where the player felt completely immersed.

In order to take part in the second test, users will need to own Otherdeed NFTs, which represent ownership of real estate in the as-yet-unreleased Otherside metaverse. Each participant, or “voyager,” will be able to bring one visitor along for the ride. As many as 10,000 intrepid explorers may squeeze into the huge live event on a first-come, first-served basis. The event will also be broadcast live on the company’s YouTube page for those who aren’t stockholders to watch.

The Otherside metaverse platform is a promising new addition to the blockchain and VR industries. It’s one of a kind and completely immersible, letting users travel to other worlds and interact with others in meaningful ways. Since it is based on blockchain technology, the platform guarantees the safety and openness of all interactions and transactions. Those that take part in the second round of testing for the platform should expect to face a number of interesting and challenging problems.

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